Ottawa Valley/Gatineau, Canada

Chloe LaBerge / Rosemary & Terry Gone        Through song I try to give life to my woods, birds, snows, the changing of seasons, time and autumn. I also love traditional cajun and quebec folklore.  As Chloe LaBerge (Rosemary), I perform accompanied by Corey Pool (Terry Gone), woodworking bard, formerly of the Noisy Locomotive.  Together we harmonize and play slow & grounded vagabondish tunes.  We are now recording an AutumnWinter themed album, Early Greys, that will be released, it is our hope, in the Fall of 2017.

Dogwood           I also make up half of an ongoing musical project with a dear-most-lyrical friend of mine,  Ellorie McKnight, formerly of local bands Marabou and Boys of Bytown.  Together we make up Dogwood, with our album crows recorded and released in 2014.  We now live a continent apart, but nonetheless look forward to collaborating again when the time is right.

Chloe LaBerge & The Noisy Locomotive      In 2015, with a new cajun accordion in hand, Chloe LaBerge & the Noisy Locomotive joined forces and head out on a quaint eastern ontario tour playing cajun & old time french folksongs.  Our album Chloe LaBerge & The Noisy Locomotive, recorded in the snowy hills of Gatineau, will be released in early 2017. You can have a listen here